DICE Retrospective on BF3 Gets Posted Ahead of ‘Battlefield 4’ Reveal

Battlefield 3 Jets

DICE is proud of its success with Battlefield 3, and rightly so—the game sold millions of units and pushed the boundaries of the FPS genre by offering large scale battlefields, destructible environments and squad-oriented gameplay above and beyond what players have come to expect from first person shooters. Battlefield 3 recently saw the release of its last and final expansion pack, End Game.

Today, the studio released a video look-back at the development of Battlefield 3. The video was released ahead of the studio's unveil of Battlefield 4, which is set for a major presentation later tonight at the Game Developers Conference 2013.

The video, seen above, was posted as a part of EA's PWND series of videos and offers insight from the development team at DICE on how the game was made and how the studio approached the challenges that the game's development threw at it along the way.

Battlefield 4 is expected to be released by the end of the year on the PC and next-generation consoles.