Xbox Live Deals With Gold 23rd – 30th ; Features Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield 1

deals with gold, detailed

Microsoft has just unveiled this week’s Deals With Gold, bringing a wide range of exclusive titles for the Xbox One down to slashed prices.

This week we see the recently released Star Wars Battlefront II take the spotlight, slashing the price of the first-person epic shooter down by 40%. If you dig sci-fi shooters, but Star Wars isn’t your thing, then grab Titanfall 2 running at a massive discount of 67%. Take a step back from the future and step into the past with DICE’s Battlefield 1, which is also running at a discount of 67%.

Not a fan of FPS games? NBA Live 18: The One Edition is also on sale, dropping the game down by 75%. Otherwise grab the Side-scroller Slain: Back From Hell for a reduced price of 70%.

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