Battlefield 1 Gains Fourth Expansion “Apocalypse” Next Month

EA Dice has announced the final expansion pack for its polemical first-person shooter Battlefield 1. Booked in for a February release, Apocalypse will be made avaialble to owners of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. A specific date was not provided.

DLC pack number four catalogues the calamitous events of World War I, and adds five additional multi-player maps into the main game. History defining moments like the Battle of Passchendaele, the crippling strike of Caporetto and River Somme’s bloodbath make an appearance, while exclusive aerial combat maps ‘London Calling’ and ‘Razor’s Edge’ challenge players to conquer the skies in Air Assault, a new game mode. The Apocalypse website details new vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to be introduced, extra assignments, and ‘Afflictions’, a different specialisation type geared towards professional players.

Ardent fans can avoid digital limbo by getting stuck into the Turning Tides DLC until January 22. EA Dice recently stated that Operation Campaigns—previously locked behind the Premium Pass barrier—will now be accessible to all players.