Unity 2018 Unlocks Impressive Real-Time Rendering

Unity Technologies is granting the public a sneak peak at ‘Book of the Dead, its latest innovation for real-time development. As far as we can tell, it has no connection with Egyptian mythology, but you never know.

Unity 2018 will be a continuation of the last release in the Unity 2017 development cycle, Unity 2017.3. Showcasing Unity 2018’s new rendering system, Scriptable Render Pipeline, Book of the Dead exhibits a fine-grained level of customisability developers can comfortably exploit. It simplifies the process of writing a complete writing pipeline, and ensures high-end visuals and gameplay performance across various gaming platforms. Also being introduced is the C# Job System, a high-performance coding system that minimises the programming requirements nonrmally required to control multi-core processors.

Book of the Dead is being developed by the same team responsible for sci-fi short Adam. Those interested in testing out the latest Unity engine can download the beta right here.