Metal Gear Survive Open Beta Available Now On Xbox One

Konami’s standalone take on Hideo Kojima’s hugely successful Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Survive is now available for download on Xbox One via the Australian store. Weighing in at 8GB it’s not going to to take up much storage space on your console.

On the Marketplace, the game is described to be Xbox One X enhanced even though Konami hasn’t provided any details on this (it’s especially interesting considering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain hasn’t received an Xbox One X update as of yet).

Support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays is also included. Here’s what you’ll find in the beta test content-wise, according to the store description.

Play METAL GEAR SURVIVE’S CO-OP mode before the release of the full game! You will be one of the first to discover a thrilling and strategic team mode, taking place in a world infested by hostile creatures.

BETA Contents

Experience the CO-OP mode in which up to 4 players team up and fight together

2 stages, Wrecked Base & Deserted Mine, and 3 different missions are available *You will not be able to carry over your save data to the full game. BETA Dates Jan 18th, 2018 to Jan 21st, 2018 (TBC)

BETA Bonus Items

You will get the following rewards for the full game if you take part of the METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA.

1. Nameplate : FOX HOUND 2. Accessory : Metal Gear Rex Head 3. Accessory : Bandana

Metal Gear Survive will enter beta on PS4 in the coming weeks. The title is set to release February 20th.