Kingdom Come Deliverance Box Art Revealed

Amazon has just revealedthe box art for the upcoming action rpg, Kingdom Come Deliverance. If you are interested, the open-world medieval role-playing game is available for preorder with this link from the shopping website.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance tells the story of Henry, a teenager who loses his parents in a mercenary raid ordered by King Sigismund. The trailer offers a glimpse at the choices that Henry will have to make as he joins ranks with Sir Radzig to get the training he needs to enact revenge on the King. Listen to your parents and use your head? Or your instincts and use brute force.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven open-world RPG that immerses you in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. Avenge your parents’ death as you battle invading forces, go on game-changing quests, and make influential choices. Explore majestic castles, deep forests, thriving villages and countless other realistic settings in medieval Bohemia!

  • A living, medieval world that dynamically responds to your actions but exists without you
  • Realistic & extensive medieval combat. As close as you ever wanted to get to the real thing
  • Intriguing story based on historical events inspired by the real-world challenge
  • Exceptional level of graphic detail with a dynamic AI system, day and night cycles and changing weather patterns

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 13, 2018, in the North American region.