BioShock Infinite False Shepherd Trailer Sees DeWitt Experiment with Glowing Liquid

BioShock Infinite is getting close, and 2K Games has another new trailer to show for it. This one is called “False Shepherd”, and provides a little more backstory for Booker DeWitt as well as showing Elizabeth to be far more than just an object to be collected and delivered.

“Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.”

We've heard that sentence a lot in these trailers, but DeWitt clarifies further this time, revealing that this debt is to “a man you don't want to be in debt to”.

We then get to meet a new character (as far as I'm aware – correct me if I'm wrong), a woman who tells him, “There's already a fight, DeWitt. The question is, what side are you on?”

After that, we get an incredibly gross demonstration of the Skyhook being used by a man in uniform to carve up another man's face, before we see DeWitt use it in a slightly less violent way to travel down a Sky-Line. That's not to say DeWitt doesn't engage in some violence himself; in this video he shoots a bunch of guys, knocks a guy off a Sky-Line, and breaks another guy's neck.

As in BioShock, it looks like the player will get to mess around with ingestible substances that have interesting effects. DeWitt drinks some glowing yellow liquid he finds, because he likes to throw caution to the wind apparently, and the stuff proceeds to make his hands burn and crack like molten rock. “That wasn't no sample,” he quips.

And then, elsewhere, when he shouts, “Could use a friend right now,” we get to see Elizabeth. Accompanied by badass music, she stands before a rift in space-time, and we get to see her using her powers. Innocent she may be, but she's no damsel in distress. Later on, she punches a guy in the face and knees him in the crotch.

BioShock Infinite launches for PS3, 360, and PC on March 26.