Larrabee Graphics Chip Cancelled

Intel larrabee

Intel has surprisingly announced that it is calling off it’s Larrabee graphics chipset which was expected to be released in 2010. Larrabee, Intel’s solution for a high performance graphics processor, was being developing separately from its current line of integrated graphics accelerators but due to indefinite delays and dissapointing performances compared to alternatives offered by AMD and Nvidia, Intel has decided to cancel the project.
This announcement might come as relief to AMD and Nvidia as Larrabee could have been a decent solution for consumers looking to buy a high performance machine without requiring parts from it’s rivals.

Intel spokesperson, Nick Knupffer said in a statement,

The silicon and software development are behind where we hoped to be at this point in the project.
So basically the processor just isn’t turning out as good as the chip giant hoped and therefore releasing it would be a waste of money next to the Nvidia and ATI solutions already out there or on their way to market next year.

Nvidia and ATi have been working hard for years trying to keep pace with the current requirements of the market where graphics cards are scrutinized for a few frames per second, competing with them was always going to be tough.