Futuristic Management Sim ‘Spinnortality’ Weaves a Dangerously Manipulative Web

Imagine having the power to change national laws, crash stock markets, and trick the public into buying completely useless products. In Spinnortality, cunning capitalism is the name of the game, and as CEO of an infamous global corporation, the world is your plaything. Did I also mention you can become immortal?

Prepare for a dystopian dog eat dog world that’s glued together by ‘corpornations’, politically corrupt super-states, and dictatorships. Initially, your role is quite innocent—keep your corporation financially stable by selling products. But what starts as simple supply and demand slides into shady economic territory. To prosper, you’ll need to research horrible products, then conduct culturally sensitive marketing campaigns that have the best rates of duping the public into buying said products. Corruption is a given, with options to weaken parties via assassinations or the generation of fake news, and should you master brain-transfer technology, you can even extend your life indefinitely. Sounds like a megalomaniac’s dream.

Currently in development, Spinnortality took to kickstarter last month and smashed its funding goal. Creator James Patton says there will be a new build ready by February which will tweak existing features and possibly introduce an improved UI.

Spinnortality is expected to release during Q3 2018, but for anyone who’s especially curious, a gameplay demo is available right here.