New Darksiders Hellbook 3 Trailer Released

THQ has released a new “Hellbook 3 The Hordes of Hell Trailer “ for their upcoming game , Darksiders, which will be hitting stores on January 8, 2010. The game has received a perfect score of 10/10 from Play Magazine(the first critic to review the game) and was also lauded by gamespot who recently posted their hands-on impressions.

Darksiders, lets you play the role of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War serves the Charred Council, a mysterious force that holds the balance of power between the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. For reasons unknown, War inadvertently starts Armageddon when he is summoned to Earth, and after mankind is annihilated, he needs to answer for his apparent crimes. It turns out that War was tricked into starting the Apocalypse by The Destroyer, a powerful demon who has taken over the planet after mankind’s destruction. Throughout the game, you wage war against The Destroyer’s demonic forces that have been left behind on Earth and any other supernatural entities that would stop you from your ultimate goal of reaching The Destroyer.