Payday 2 Physical Release For Switch Will Likely Cost $49.99

When Payday 2 was originally announced for Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch, during Nintendo Direct earlier this year, we didn’t know much about it except that we could expect the title in 2018. Now we’ve received a solid release date, with the title launching both physically and digitally on February 27 in the Americas and February 23 in Europe.

The price point for the game hasn’t been officially announced yet, however, Gamestop has listed the physical version of the title up on its product page already. The page showcases that the title will run for $49.99. The digital version of the game could also end up costing the same amount – however, I’m pretty sure the digital release with be relatively cheaper as some publishers for Nintendo titles have gone on record to state that the cartridge does a fair job of bumping up the cost of a game’s price.

GameStop’s listing says Payday 2 for Switch “will come with hundreds of masks for players to choose from, plus patterns and skins they can use to customize weapons, armor and masks.” It also has “added mechanics and updates” that make use of Switch’s touch screen / features.

Over on Amazon UK, the title has also been listed as £39.99, backing up the aforementioned price.