Mass Effect Parody ‘Welcome to Orochi Park’ Releases New Demo

Satirical adventure Welcome to Orochi Park started out as a Twine fan project that couldn’t be contained. After years of refining its politically charged interactive fiction, developer Anima Chambers is ready to introduce Steam audiences to an occult parody of Mass Effect and MMORPG The Secret World

In Welcome to Orochi Park, losing isn’t an option. After a weapon of mass destruction devastates London, Kim Jong Un and President Trump (both currently in the running for Time’s Person of the Year) must put their differences aside to vanquish unknown forces of evil. and you’re a part of it.

Playing as “queer, gothic Templar inquisitor” Celestine, your role is to manage a doomsday bunker. That includes sending agents on covert missions, researching superweapons, and forging strategic diplomatic alliances with Kelly Chambers (also a romance option in this game) from Mass Effect. You can also purchase units at the local black market, dispatch agents to collect loot, and unlock one of 20 endings depending on your choices. Sounds like it’s all in a day’s work.

Welcome to Orochi Park releases in late 2018, but you can try out a demo today on Steam