Super Mario Odyssey Latest Update Adds Extra Language Support

Nintendo’s latest iteration in the undyingly popular Mario franchise, Super Mario Odyssey, has just received a new update and it seems like this update is continuing the trend of Nintendo’s notoriously short patch notes.

Update 1.1.0 adds Korean-language support to the title. No other adjustments or changes have been implemented in these patch notes.

In other Nintendo news, the gaming giant has recently introduced a mario-themed cereal (which looks super delicious). Check out our article here to read up on it.

‘If you’re still wrapped up in the excitement of Super Mario Odyssey, we have some good news. Nintendo of America has confirmed that Mario’s adventures will be taking a dive into the breakfast realm with the launch of Super Mario Cereal, a concoction of mixed berry flavoured grains and colourful marshmallow puffs. Sounds yum. And probably unhealthy.’

How have you found Super Mario Odyssey so far? Enjoying it? Let us know your thoughts on the title down in the comments beow.

Super Mario Odyssey is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.