Tekken Was The Most Tweeted Game In The UK During 2017

Wondering what game resonated with the UK audience the most this year? Greenlight media conducted research into the gaming culture and industry in the UK and found that Tekken was the most tweeted game in the UK for 2017 with 1.9 million tweets in total.

It’s a pretty interesting statistic, especially considering the popularity and hype of other games in the western world (titles such as PUBG, Call of Duty: WW2 and Battlefront II). My personal opinion on the findings is that it says something about the age of gamers in the UK. Tekken was one of the first 3D fighting titles in the arcade and on the PlayStation 1 way back when. From this, we can likely deduce a crosspoint of what the average age of who these tweeters are.

Greenlight has also released some other statistics such as:

  • Study finds gamer attitudes on Twitter are overwhelmingly positive
  • 33% of all tweets about gaming in the past three years came from females
  • Minecraft (+190%), Mario Kart (+95%) and Warcraft (+13%) all saw their popularity on Twitter increase in 2016, while FIFA, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty all saw decreases.

Interested in reading up more? Check out their study, here.