Heavy Metal Platformer Slain: Back From Hell Thrashing its way to Switch

Slain: Back From Hell is bringing its pixelated, Castlevania style battles to Nintendo Switch this week. 

Originally known Slain!, Wolf Brew Games’ heavy metal action game first launched in March 2016 to generally unfavourable reviews. In response to player reception, Slain! was totally overhauled and underwent a name change before re-releasing in August of the same year, faring much better.

A little anxious when it’s dark, Slain: Back From Hell‘s doomed hero Bathoryn keeps hearing voices calling from the other side; macabre monsters and savage werewolves have enslaved the innocent, transforming a gothic world into a never-ending nightmare. To unshackle six cursed realms from the chains of their wicked overlords, Bathoryn must engage in a mixture of melee and magical combat, select from a trio of elemental weapons to slay demon hordes, and (hopefully) evade the invisible blades and booby traps which promise almost certain death.

Slain: Back From Hell hits Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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