Lavish 2D Platformer Valfaris is a Brutal, Heavy Metal Adventure

There were a bunch of great indie games shown off at this year’s E3, and Valfaris is one of them. Set in space, Valfaris tells the tale of a once beautiful city that became plagued by a mysterious darkness. Any hope of restoring Valfaris to its former glory now rests on the shoulders of Therion, a brave warrior who is tasked with uprooting the evil at the heart of the city.

If the art style rings a bell, it’s because the same team behind Slain: Back From Hell is at it again, unleashing a super smorgasboard of enemies and environments baked to pixel-art perfection. Musician Curt Victor Bryant (formerly of Celtic Frost) also returns with a powerful heavy metal soundtrack that will no doubt give the game a gritty edge. As for the gameplay department, players expect familiar hardcore 2D platforming, and have a huge array of weapons at their disposal.

Valfaris is expected to release sometime in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.