Elder Scrolls Online Lore and Mechanics Further Detailed

Bethesda has taken to its blog once again to answer a whole bunch of questions about the upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. As is to be expected, a lot of the questions are about specifics of the lore, but Bethesda also explains some of the mechanics of the game.

We learn, for example, that the inventory is slot-based but also has a list style like those in Oblivion and Skyrim, and can be divided up by category of item or sorted by price or time since you picked it up. We also learn that players will be able to play a range of different character types, from a healer to a light-armoured tank character. And those characters will be able to dual wield weapons. Bethesda also assures fans that the game will be fully voice acted, so there won't be endless text to read. But, of course, the world will be filled with lore books for those who like that kind of thing.

And those who like lore might be interested to know that in the time in which this game is set, the Snow Elves are a “near-forgotten legend” and it is a “deep secret” that they have moved underground and become Falmer, but that secret may be discoverable in the future of the game. You might also be interested to know that the Blades don't exist yet, though their predecessors – “remnants of the Akaviri Dragonguard who protected the Emperors” – still do. We also learn a bit about the state of religion at the time of the game. The Eight Divines are apparently worshipped in Cyrodiil and by much of the Daggerfall Covenant but interestingly “which divinities make up the Eight varies from culture to culture.”

Are you most interested in how the game plays or whether the lore is all present and correct? And does any of the information above reassure you?