Sony Hands Out $10 PSN Credit to Loyal U.S. Customers

Various sources are reporting that Sony is handing out free PlayStation Network vouchers worth $10 to some PlayStation Network users in the U.S, presumably gearing up for tonight's event. No one seems able to work out what criteria determine which users make the cut, however, so all I can suggest is that if you're in the U.S. and use the PlayStation Network you check your messages to see if the following pops up:

“Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of the PlayStation Network. As a token of our appreciation, we've sent you $10,00 to spend on the PlayStation Store!”

What makes a loyal customer? Some have suggested you have to be a member of PlayStation Plus, or that you have to have purchased something (or multiple things) from the Store recently, or both. If you receive one of these messages, let us know in the comments whether any of this applies to you so we can try and work it out.

If you do get the voucher, what should you buy? A quick search on the PlayStation Store site for games that are under $10 turns up a few that are worth consideration, especially given that you're technically getting them for free. You could get a PS2 classic, like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Bully, or Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Or you could go for a decent PSN title like Machinarium, SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World, or Derrick the Deathfin.

Then again, maybe you'll want to spend your voucher on something to play on your Vita. In that case, you could try Jet Set Radio, Super Stardust Delta or Tomba!.


Whatever you choose, enjoy your free money. You lucky U.S. citizen you.