It Now Only Takes 24hrs To Unlock All Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes

Following the whole Reddit controversy regarding massive public outcry from gamers across the globe in response EA’s ridiculous stance on microtransactions and the ‘pay-to-win’ formula – EA has backpedaled on its decision, making the grind to unlock heroes on Star Wars Battlefront II, far easier

According to¬†Reddit, EA tweaked the hero costs enough so the average player can unlock all of them in about 24 hours of gameplay — but left everything else untouched.

This means that while, yes it’s better that players won’t have to grind for so long to get access to different (and possibly more overpowered) heroes, the studio and publisher has not altered it’s stance on unit and star cards, which means that normal gameplay is still largely following the pay-to-win formula since the game still gives out credits based on match time and not performance. This means players are still looking into several hours of grinding before upgrading any non-hero character or ability.

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