RUINER’s Latest Update Adds A Host Of New Content

Reikon Games top-down shooter, RUINER has just received a new update bringing a host of new content to the shooter, players will be able to new gameplay modes, weapons, abilities, outfits, and music. What’s more, the title is also on sale, slashing 33% off the title.

Firstly, players will be able to run through the title in two new modes. New Game + allows players to run through the title again with their same unlocks but with a harder difficulty. The Speedrun mode adds in online leaderboards while removing everything but the action.

Set in the year 2091, RUINER tells the story of a wired psychopath, dead set on toppling a corrupt government to find your brother. You’ll be making use of a host of tools and augmentations to brutally take down your enemies along with the help of a mysterious hacker friend.

Last month we did a first impressions piece of the title, if you are interested in picking up the title, make sure you read our write-up, here.

‘Ruiner is the latest game to come out from publisher Devolver Digital and it will most definitely be one of their biggest titles of 2017. Developed by Reikon Games, players will embark into a beautifully crafted cyberpunk world filled with great lighting, immersive storytelling, and interesting characters.’