Skyrim For Switch Receives Patch; Adds Video Recording

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch has just received it’s latest patch. Alongside a couple bug fix, patch 1.11 adds video recording support for the adventure title.

The full patch notes are as follows:

– Traditional Chinese Language Support (Text/Subtitles)
– Support for Video Capture using the Capture button on the Switch
– Fixed a rare audio issue where static can be heard after fast traveling
– Fixed an issue with Legend of Zelda themed items not aligning properly on placed weapon racks in player homes
– Motion Control improvements

Skryim released on Nintendo Switch a couple of days ago, and so far to critical acclaim. We recently did first impressions of the title if you are interested in hearing our thoughts on the port, check it out here.

‘At a technical point of view, many at first will wonder if the power of the Nintendo Switch will be able to maintain and run the massive open world that we all know and love. After putting countless hours into this version of the game running on the Nintendo Switch, I can say that I’m very impressed with what I played.’