Praey for the Gods Closed Alpha is Right Around The Corner

No Matter Studios has been “working around-the-clock” on its snowy, kickstarter-funded action adventure Praey for the Godsfine-tuning combat, controls and climbing in the lead up to its closed alpha.

According the the blog update, No Matter simplified the camera system so that it now runs more smoothly, and keeps the player more immersed in the game. Additionally, climbing controls have been streamlined to enable manoeuvring around 90 degree angles, and now feature a “climb jump” which lets you jump backward off a wall.

Composer Ian Dorsch has released a couple of pre-alpha choral tracks, Hymn and Awakening, as musical previews of the game’s final soundtrack. They’re currently built from vocal samples but will be re-recorded with a choir in future.

Praey for the Gods underwent a name change earlier this year in response to a trademark opposition from Bethesda over the similarly titled science-fiction shooter PreyDespite the resemblance in name, Prey for the Gods diverges massively in gameplay, drawing inspiration from Deus Ex to Bloodborne to PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus

Praey for the Gods is looking at a 2018 release frame, but this is subject to change depending on closed alpha feedback:

“Because our Closed Alpha will be a rolling release that first goes out to our backers and then later to a wider audience, we’re estimating that the full release would follow at least 6-9 months after Closed Alpha begins.”

No Matter plans to release the game on Steam, and eventually, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Missed the kickstarter? You can still pledge your support to receive rewards and eventual beta access here.

In the mean time, have a glimpse at some of the improvements to the camera system and climbing ability below: