Fast Paced 2D Platformer Alter Army Screams Beautiful Oddity

Announced in JuneAlter Army is the 2D platforming vision of two 15 year old developers. It started as a way to practise game development, and morphed into a Risk of Rain inspired beat ’em up. Bullets fly in shmup-like fashion, monsters test your tactical fortitude, and a quartet of oddball protagonists who come with their own special abilities let you play it your way.

Alter Army takes place in a withering world. Before the universe collapses, you must invoke latent skills to ward off petrifying pixel giants and self-detonating monsters, and sift through 16 levels in search of precious crystals that are rumoured to extend life.

For developer Vague Pixels, the process of making Alter Army was a roller-coaster ride. Submitting a game to Steam greenlight always carries an inherent risk, but a last minute triumph and an excited telephone call in the wee hours of the morning were to be the formative milestones in Alter Army‘s journey.

You can put Alter Army on your Steam wishlist here. It will release for PC and Mac and has a projected release date of 2017.