Microsoft is Refunding People Who Pre-Ordered AOE: Definitive Edition

Revealed at E3Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was an unexpected but welcome addition to Ensemble Studios’ classic RTS franchise. Originally pencilled in for an October release, Microsoft said it would delay the game till 2018, citing a need to treat the restoration with “careful reverence”.

In a recent blog update, Microsoft explained that it would be refunding customers who pre-ordered the definitive edition or were “mistakenly charged ahead of schedule” as part of the refund system. As a bonus, Microsoft will be giving all who pre-ordered a free code for Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, a 2014 historical RTS.

Furthermore, all pre-ordering customers will be automatically invited to the AOE: Definitive Edition closed beta. This applies to everyone, including those who’ve cancelled and returning players who renew their orders.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition can be pre-purchased here for $19.99 USD. The release date has been set for 2018 with a placeholder of December 31.

In related news, Relic Entertainment revealed it would be collaborating with Microsoft for Age of Empires IV