Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Announced at E3

Timeless historical strategy game Age of Empires is being overhauled with a Definitive Edition, it has been announced. The reveal came at E3’s PC Gaming show, where Microsoft Studios showed off some new gameplay footage that has been remastered from the ground up. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition isn’t just 4K Ultra HD, the coveted new standard being embraced by gaming computers and modern consoles alike. It has new zoom levels, enhanced gameplay, and Xbox Live multiplayer support.

If that’s not enough good news, the soundtrack has been fully remastered so you can experience the brutal symphony of history as it was always meant to be experienced. This edition will also come with the Rise of Rome expansion pack with 10 campaigns and 16 civilisations to wield at your mercy. Whether pepperoni pizza still works in the cheat bar remains to be seen—stay tuned to Gameranx for that one.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is set to release on Windows. No release frame has been singled out at this point, but interested players can participate in the beta right here.

Age of Empires first released in 1997 by the now defunct Ensemble Studios. Since its launch, the franchise has continued releasing sequels and expansions, even as recently as late last year.