Media Molecule and Evolution Studios Both Tease New Projects

Rather than outright say they've something important to tell us, the cheeky devils at Media Molecule and Evolution Studios are giving us a sly poke in the ribs and telling us to perk our ears up.

The Little Big Planet Devs have added another project to their list of releases. It's currently titled “?”. In place of further information about what the game entails (or whether it's a game or not at all), right now all they've posted is a video of early 80s UK New Wave artist Toyah singing her song “It's A Mystery” on a classic episode of Top Of The Pops. This announcement (if we're even able to call it that) is entirely separate from the already announced "Tearaway" which has a separate page already created on the website.

As Videogamer caught earlier, we were also dropped a hint by  Evolution Studio's Paul Rustchynsky. He tweeted the words “10 Days!” without much fanfare. Evolution Studios are best known as the Motorstorm Developer.

A conservative appraisal of this information suggests that both teams are gearing up excitement for new game announcements at Sony's press conference on the 20th of this month. Expectations are that we'll hear of a new console on the horizon, it's now likely that we'll hear about a decent selection of launch releases too.

…Or Media Molecule really are making a game about Toyah that we've just misinterpreted as a sign of something more meaningful and Paul Rustchynsky is trying to remember an important anniversary in his personal life. Either way, good luck to the both of them.