All Walls Must Fall Receives New Gameplay Trailer Plus Special Discount

Kickstarted tech-noir indie All Walls Must Fall is celebrating the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a new trailer.

Weaving in time-travelling espionage against a Cold War backdrop, inbetweengames’ debut title is an isometric spy-thriller that’s all about the Berlin Wall conspiracy. The freshly released gameplay trailer zooms in on the tactical action from close up, highlighting snippets of combat and character conversations.

One of the biggest selling points in All Walls Must Fall is its time-manipulation mechanic, which lets you reverse your actions to pursue alternate possibilities. Your goal is to carry out discreet missions within a futuristic nightclub to prevent the threat of nuclear annihilation from becoming a reality.

We took All Walls Must Fall for a spin and thought it was an exciting spy thriller with some technical flaws. Get it on Steam or for $7.99/$7.49 USD before November 14 to receive a 50% discount.