Superbeat Xonic Nintendo Switch First Impressions: An Ideal Platform for a Rhythmic Game

Game: Superbeat Xonic

Publisher: PM Studios

Developer: PM Studios / Nurijoy

Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Superbeat Xonic has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch! After making its rounds on the PS Vita, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4, the rhythmic music title has made its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console; and perhaps this is the best place to play this specific title.

I say this because of the console’s ease of portability and its touchscreen functionality. It’s almost a cop-out answer to say its the best to play on the Switch for its portability, but this game literally makes the perfect sense for that specific feature. Sitting in your chair tapping the correct beats could get repetitive and dull rather quickly.

But picking up the Switch and going handhold to complete a stage or two while a commercial is on, while sitting on the bus, or just relaxing in your bed, makes this the ideal place to play Superbeat Xonic.

Superbeat Xonic comes with a significant amount of songs that will have you moving to the rhythm for hours before repeating a duplicate song. However, one problem I did have was that when actually playing the game and hitting the beats, the songs/ instruments did not synch up and was basically not even present. A good rhythm game usually has some sort of feedback after you hit the note at the right moment beside the onscreen signals. I thought this was a little disappointing as I love when games can synch up beats and rhythms to the player’s actions.

Before starting Superbeat Xonic, I would suggest players go through the tutorial to learn each of the varied notes in the game. I started off without going to it, which I assumed would be the first thing they throw at you, and I was utterly confused. Besides the basic buttons, there are some notes that need an explanation on how to hit them.

There’s basically two modes, Stage, and World Tour. World Tour has players tasked with completing certain objectives to advance such as hitting a 50 hit combo. The stage is more relaxed where players can pick their desired song and try to hit a high score. This will level players up giving them new DJ icons, songs to play, and much more.

While in stage players can choose up to three types of speeds/difficulty – 4 Trax, 6 Trax, and 6 Trax FX. As you can assume, 4 Trax is the easiest giving players only 4 lanes of beats to complete; while 6 Trax has players dealing with 6 tracks in total. Each track brings their own set of unique beats and will have players on their toes from start to finish.

In my personal gameplay experience, the game is extremely difficult and I even turned down the difficulty to easy and relax mode. The amount of beats and variants of them are so overwhelming that it starts to mess with your head. However, after playing a couple of levels, I started getting a little better and then the game started to get a little more fun. Practice makes perfect and Superbeat Xonic will have players taking baby steps before they actually start mastering some of the harder tracks in the game.

Superbeat Xonic is a fun rhythmic music title with tons of songs and modes to choose from. It’s a little addictive game for those gamers who prefer a challenge and genuinely enjoy these types of rhythmic games. If you are not this type of gamer, then I suggest skipping this title as it might be more bring more frustration than entertainment.

Have you played Superbeat Xonic? Like the Nintendo Switch version? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.