Rouge Trooper Redux First Impressions: A Valiant Remaster for a Title 11 Years Old

Game: Rogue Trooper Redux

Publisher: Rebellion

Developer: TickTock Games

Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Rogue Trooper Redux is a remastered title from the original title way back from 2006. Rebellion and TickTock Games managed to bring a game from over a decade ago back, while also managing to make it look crisp, clean, and fresh.

However, even with the great work that has been done, it is hard to not notice the flaws the game is entwined with. Janky animations, stiff movements, and a wonky camera at times often remind you how old the game really is.

The game is centered around Rogue, a genetically engineered super soldier. The story follows from the hit 2000 AD comics. A civil war has broken out between the northerners and southerners and has taken many innocent lives. This leads to the southerners creating the super soldiers which are immune to diseases and poison.


This is where our story starts as Rogue is sent down with his comrades to eradicate an enemy threat. However, in the opening of the first mission, we learn that it was a trap all along. This leads to many more super solid deaths, including some of Rogues squadmates.

The cool part about the super soldiers though is that even after death, their personalities and consciousness could live on via a biochip. This is where the game is pretty unique has Rogue cuts out his squadmates biochips and implants them into his gun. This leads to dynamic interactions with your fallen comrades, while also leading way to Rogue Troopers upgrade system.

The upgrade system for the game is diverse enough giving players just enough of new abilities and modifications to keep them entertained throughout the five-hour long story. There are upgrades such as silenced machine guns to sentry artillery from placing your gun on the floor. All of the upgrades play nicely and like I said before will keep you satisfied with your time with the game,

It’s a weird thing to say, but thankfully the game doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s a quick 5 or 6-hour long campaign giving enough gameplay to fill the gamers itch. If it was a longer game, let’s say 10 to 12 hours long, this entire impression would have been different.

Rogue Trooper Redux is a fun game don’t get it wrong, but its dated material could start to come to a head very quickly. Like I mentioned a little bit earlier, the camera sometimes gets weird, animations and movements look awkward, and the linear style of the game could become repetitive and boring. It’s a clone of Gears of War before Gears of War even came out! It definitely has it stand out moments, but if it went any longer it would have been a drag.

The game goes beyond the five-hour campaign. There is a nice little multiplayer mode for you and your friends to jump in and tackle. It’s not the typical style of multiplayer you’d find in a game like Rogue Trooper; there is no team deathmatch or no domination it is more focused on team gameplay.

The two modes – Stronghold and Progressive, has players working together rather against. One mode has you and your friends have to fend off waves of enemies while the other has you and your friends rescue fallen soldiers. Both are interesting enough and gives an extra layer of gameplay for those who want to stick around with the game longer.

Rogue Trooper Redux is a valiant remaster for a game nearly 11 years old. You could tell at some points that the game is dated, especially in its very linear campaign, which is 13 missions long. However, for $25 dollars, Rogue Trooper Redux sits at a reasonable price for anyone who is looking for a title to play on Switch. However, if there was a sale that brought the game down to $15 dollars, then I would full heartedly say go out and get it now.

Are you planning on picking up Rogue Trooper Redux? Did you play the original? Let’s hear some of your thoughts in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.