October 2017 PS Plus Games Officially Unlocked

Each and every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers are rewarded with free video game titles to enjoy. This is a great little incentive to get players into subscribing onto the PlayStation monthly subscription and to keep their subscription activate as the video games, while free for members, will only be available to play just as long as you keep up with the subscription payments.

The new list of video games has just unlocked for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and lastly, PlayStation Vita owners. A single subscription will unlock a total of six video games spread across all three platforms we just listed above and you can see what video game titles have unlocked for each console listed down below.

PlayStation Plus doesn’t just offer free video games monthly for those who subscribe. The subscription unlocks free PlayStation 4 online multiplayer, online cloud storage, Share Play which is a means to invite friends to enjoy co-op video games if they don’t own a copy of the title, along with exclusive discounts and early access titles from the PlayStation Store.

As mentioned, this month’s video games have officially unlocked for the Sony PlayStation platforms. Here’s what’s been released so far.

PlayStation 4
  • Amnesia Collection
  • Hue
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Sky Force Anniversary
PlayStation 3
  • Hustle Kings
  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds
  • Sky Force Anniversary
PlayStation Vita
  • Hue
  • Sky Force Anniversary

What do you think of the selection of Sony’s PlayStation Plus free video games this month? Should there be a better selection next month and if so, what video game titles would you like to see?