Unity 2017.2 Releases to Give Artists & Designers Creative Edge

The latest Unity version, Unity 2017.2, promises users the most powerful toolstet for XR and 2D game creation yet. It will also include support for Windows Mixed Reality and ARCore, which simplifies making virtual objects on Android devices.

Unity is rolling out Cinemachine, a dynamic, procedural camera, a Tilemap feature for quickly building complex grid-based 2D worlds, and an Editor that allows easy visualisation of audio clips. A more comprehensive list of additions follows:

  • Interactive tutorials
  • 2D Tilemap and Cinemachine for 2D
  • Support and Further MR Optimisation
  • Collaboration with Autodesk
  • 2017.2 FBX Importer/Exporter package
  • Sprite atlas packing
  • Visualization of NavMesh in real time
  • Built-in Vuforia Support
  • OpenVR support for MacOS
  • Google ARCore (plugin)
  • Apple ARKit (Plug-in)
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch
  • Support for Samsung Tizen & SmartTV
  • GI Profiler
  • Lightmap Stitching

If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for Unity 2017.3, you can download it today.

Download Unity 2017.2 here.