Neon Co-Op Puzzler Chroma Shift Sliding Into PAX Aus

Co-op platformer Chroma Shift is a futuristic-looking puzzle game with a tragic, frighteningly realistic backstory. DevOrDie Studios conjures a beautifully broken world, corrupted by sophisticated machines that have turned against their creators. Years pass, and two despondent droids are awakened with a singular purpose in mind: discover the truth about what happened at the facility of their birth.

You control Psi and Theta. Together, they must explore derelict chambers, solve colour-based puzzles, and team up in unique co-operative configurations to conquer difficulties that lie ahead.

Inspired by Frozenbyte’s Trine series and Blizzard’s retro platformer The Lost Vikings, it appears Chroma Shift clings more towards the sci-fi genre, and according to DevOrDie, it will be more focused on delivering its narrative through environmental queues.

Chroma Shift began its development cycle in 2016, and has since refined its gameplay, as well as introduced players to an emotional story trailer complete with memorable voice-acting.

Chroma Shift is scheduled to release in 2018 for PC.