Unclaimed World Shows Off Alien Landscapes to Explore and Survive

Refactored Games has released a new teaser for its upcoming title Unclaimed World, “a sci-fi game about survival and exploration of an alien planet”. The teaser shows strange-looking alien landscapes, with people walking across them or flying in light craft. We get to see some of the lighting effects, and are shown various plants and animals that players might encounter while exploring the planet. At the end, we get a brief glimpse of what looks like a camp, with strange creatures making their way towards it.

I'm a real sucker for this kind of thing. I love survival games, and I love space, so combining the two is a winning equation for me. The game is set in 2238, at which time humanity's first interstellar colonisation ship has just finished its 100-year journey (this is a future in which we don't have faster-than-light travel) to a sufficiently Earth-like planet in the Tau Ceti star system. Something has gone wrong during landing, and the colonists end up dispersed across the planet, turning a colonisation mission into a mission for survival.

Sound interesting? The team will release an alpha of Unclaimed World during the Spring of this year, and then a free demo in the Summer. After that, you apparently pay once to secure future episodes, which sound as if they'll move on from the survival theme.