Bethesda Shares Awesome SNES Spoof Cover Of Skyrim

Nintendo’s highly anticipated SNES Classic Mini launched last week, boasting 21 old school games on the console, along with the unreleased Star Fox 2.

While the internet was extremely hyped with the release, there was one group of game developers who shared the sentiment. Bethesda released an image online of a Skyrim ‘SNES’ style box art on Twitter, giving a nod toward the gaming giant’s release of the console as well as a small reminder of Skyrim’s upcoming release on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch.

 “Congrats to Nintendo on the launch of the #SNESClassic. The Elder Scrolls finally comes to a Nintendo console on Nov. 17th! #SkyrimSwitch.”

I wonder how Skyrim would’ve looked if it has released all those years ago. I think it would be a pretty cool reimaginement if a studio were to pick up the idea.

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