Cuphead May Get Online Co-Op At a Later Stage

Cuphead, the slightly terrifying Disney-esque platformer is set to launch tomorrow. While we currently know that there will be local co-op (I mean, that’s a given for a game in the platforming genre) the team studio behind the development has said nothing regarding online co-op, until now.

Speaking with Fandom, producer Maja Moldenhauer noted that even though the title is local co-op only for now, that might be changing once the game is actually out.

“Chad and Jared grew up playing co-op together and they were like, OK this game HAS to be co-op. So, while it’s local couch coop for now, [we’re] looking into adding online at a later date,” Moldenhauer said.

This is pretty good news, while couch co-op is something that I hold dear to my heart, some players may want to play with friends and family members who may not have access to their console. Considering the trend of online multiplayer gaming at this point, let’s hope this does get implemented at some stage.

Cuphead is set to launch on Xbox One, as well as on PC (via Windows 10, Steam, and GoG) on September 29. Excited to try it out? Let us know in the comments below.