Blood Ancestors is a Medieval Multiplayer MOBA Coming Next Year

If you’re looking for a new kind of MOBA to sink your teeth into, Snowpeak Studio’s Blood Ancestors has the best parts of team-based FPS mechanics with a nice medieval touch.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Blood Ancestors is described as a battle simulator that has parallels with games like OverwatchPaladins and Mount & BladeIts built on a competitive backbone of epic 4v4 combat where your aim is to reclaim ancestral blood relics. There’s a slight twist on the class system, too. Instead of explicit categories,  there are six different archetypes: Knights, warriors, rangers, rogues, wizards, and healers, and these are further split into light, blood or darkness factions, making for a total of 18 classes.

Each faction has different characteristics, such as strength and resistance, taking damage to inflict more powerful attacks, and moving with greater speed across the playing field. You’ll also have the ability to customise skins and colours for each class.

Put Blood Ancestors on your Steam wishlist today. It’s expected to release for PC in Spring 2018, with consoles to follow.