Have You Registered For Brawlhalla Circuit US Regional Qualifiers Yet?

Free to play 2D fighting game Brawlhalla is a force to be reckoned with. After achieving mass popularity on Steam, developer Blue Mammoth Games announced the Brawlhalla Circuit, which gives players the chance to compete with one another at an elite level.

If you’ve got brawling in your blood, the US Regional Qualifiers for the Brawlhall Circuit are just around the corner. So far, more than 850 participants from North America have signed up to claim the title of 1v1 king. Registrations are open until September 29 8:59 pm PDT for the US West Regional Qualifier and Friday October 6 11:59 pm EDT if you’re signing up for the US East Regional Qualifier.

Six lucky winners from Regional Qualifiers will progress to the World Championship, which boasts a $100K prize pool. The US West Regional Qualifier begins September 30 11:00 am PT, and the US East Regional Qualifier follows a week later on October 7 2:00 pm ET. Anyone interested in checking out a live broadcast from the event can do so the official Brawlhalla Twitch channel.

The Brawlhalla World Championship is scheduled to take place from November 3-5 in Atlanta.

Source: http://www.brawlhalla.com/esports/