LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Release For PC And PS4; Introduces Limited Team Deathmatch

The latest patch for the first-person team-based shooter, LawBreakers has just dropped for PC and PS4 players. Some of the major additions include a new space-themed map called Namsan and a limited Team Deathmatch mode.

Boss Key has also introduced a bunch of other alterations and balancing changes to the title. One of the most important being health regeneration.

You can check out the full list of patch notes for the consoles below:

LawBreakers hasn’t been so hot since it launched a couple weeks back, the title recently hit an all-time low on Steam with a concurrent player count of just above 100 players.

Boss Key Production’s hyped up shooter, LawBreakers has just hit a record-low of concurrent players. As the Steamchart reveals the arena-style shooter is just scraping 100 concurrent players with the 24hr peak hitting a meager 364 players.

The game’s player count has been significantly dropping since it launched a couple weeks ago. The game peaked at 3,000 concurrent players on Steam during the first weekend of full release, displaying a 4,500 discrepancy between the 7,500 concurrent players during the beta tests.

LawBreakers is out now for PC and PS4.