I Am Bread Developer Hires Portal/Half-life Writer

Developer of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios has just announced their newest member of the team, Chet Faliszek, or better known as the brains behind the brilliant stories of Valve’s fHalf-life and Portal.

Taking the announcement to Twitter, Bossa Studios tweeted out an image with the caption “Today we warmly welcome @chetfaliszek as the newest member of the @bossastudios team!”

Earlier this year Faliszek left Valve to pursue other interests, he announced that he’s not working on a title currently known to the public. In a tweet, he said the game was, “an unannounced PC action co-op game trying to do something new in the narrative space using AI.”

While this certainly is an interesting transition, let’s hope Bossa has got something really awesome up their sleeves with Faliszeks joining.

What are your thoughts on this switch up? Excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.