Battleborn’s Next Update To Be The Last

Battleborn has gained a lot of attention recently – and not in a good way. The dismally performing title by Borderland’s creators Gearbox Software, launched last year alongside Blizzard’s Overwatch. The title plummeted almost immediately with a concurrent player base of under 100 gamers. Earlier this year the team decided to relaunch the game with a free-to-play model in mind – unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work either.

Now it seems the team is ready to accept defeat and throw in the towel. Creative director, Randy Varnell, has announced that the upcoming fall update will be the game’s last, as most of the developers are moving on to work on the “highly anticipated project” they talked about at PAX West, in other words, Borderlands 3.

That being said, if you are one of the few who actually enjoys the game, the servers will “be up and active for the foreseeable future” – there just won’t be any more content updates like skins, updated title art, and additional Finisher Boosts and Taunts.

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