Undertale Celebrates Second Anniversary With Vinyl Sets

Quirky RPG Undertale has been subjecting players to its skeleton romancing, anti-violent, monster filled dungeons since 2015 with overwhelming success. Today, creative merchandise company iam8bit is forging an alliance with Materia Collective to deliver fans vinyl sets of Toby Fox’s original Undertale soundtrack. The exclusive sets celebrate Undertale’s two year anniversary and the release of its Japanese localised version last month.

The UNDERTALE: Japan Edition is selling for $40 USD and can be pre-ordered here or here.

The UNDERTALE: Determination edition houses metal and electronica-inspired covers of tracks from the original soundtrack. Pre-order it today for $60 USD.

Both editions will be shipped by Q1 2018.

This isn’t the first time Undertale’s music has been immortalised in physical copy. Last year, Scarlet Moon Records put together a smooth, two-disc compilation of relaxing jazz as part of its Prescription For Sleep Series. Those interested can sample the audio through Bandcamp.

Undertale recently released on PlayStation 4 along with its complete trophy list.