Take A Look At This Sweet Speaker Enclosure From ‘The Last Guardian’

As a follow up to his amazing Shadow of Colossus hard drive project, foxfoxwaltz has posted another masterpiece! This time the object d'arte is a handcrafted speaker enclosure themed after the upcoming PS3 title The Last Guardian. Even better, the post doubles as a DIY tutorial, so you can bust out one of these bad boys yourself.

Below you'll see some select photos of the step by step process, which will require such craft store and household staples as glue, note cards, cardboard, plaster cloth,  Sculpey clay, heck even an old CD and a soda can:

Humble beginnings on a plate with some mere notecard and cardboard to support it.

An old CD and the soda can come into play.

Draped plaster cloth will give it a solid even look.

Sculpey and modeling clays can be used for texture and effects.

Once the structure is painted, modeling clay and dowels form a base for the next part.

Paint and tiny feathers made of paper are used to fill in, while the base is covered in artificial moss to complete the look.

To see more photos detailing how to recreate this beautiful sculpture on your own, head over to the original link.