EVE Online to stop support of older CPUs

Due to the introduction of the SSE2 instruction set with Incursion 1.1.0 older CPUs cannot be supported. It was found that older CPUs, specifically Intel Pentium 3 or older and AMD Athlon XP and older were not able to run EVE and would crash. It was found through their research that these processors were near extinct in desktops and gaming rigs with estimates accounting that only 0.3% of the player base would be affected.

An info message that pops up when you start the client on a non-SSE2 capable machine has been added for clarification. We urge everyone who encounters this specific error to submit a petition to our customer support department. We will have updates on the next steps we take with this issue immediately after the weekend but we wanted to get a blog up ASAP to inform everyone about the issue.

I can't imagine there would be many left with processors that old. They don't sell them anymore, even in the lowest powered laptops. Still nice of them to put up warnings for those players that are affected.