LawBreakers 1.3 Patch Notes Revealed; Introduces Role Limiting

LawBreakers will be receiving a pretty substantial patch this week, one of which being role balancing, the number of roles per team will be limited (you’ll only be able to select two characters of the same role per team).

“Ultimately we’ve decided that the game is simply a lot more fun without role stacking,” reads a line from the patch notes. “From now on Quick Play will feature a 2 role limit– this means that you’ll never run into 3 or more of the same role stacked against you.”

There won’t be any character balances introduced in this patch, but Boss Key Productions did state that they will introduce balance fixes later on.

The 1.3 update for LawBreakers launches on September 11, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET

Check out the full list of changes below:

LawBreakers September 11 Patch Notes:

  • New Feature – XP Bonus Tracker shows active streaks and bonuses in main menus.
  • New Feature – Role limits now set to 2!
  • New Feature – Kick decals can now be imprinted on the world!
  • New Map Variant — Promenade at night


  • Increased the radius for reducing the Blitzball shield from 850 → 1000.


  • Increased the radius for reducing the Battery’s shield from 750 → 850.

  • Increased contest radius for the Battery to 1000.

  • Changed contest area shape from a sphere to a cylinder for better contest detection.


  • Increased the radius for reducing Uplink shield from 750 → 850.

  • Increased contest radius for the Uplink to 1000.

  • Changed contest area shape from a sphere to a cylinder for better contest detection.


  • Added collision to the top of the the central zone (above capture point B) so that Harrier’s can now throw their Supercharger Stations up there. Other projectiles should behave more consistently as well.


UI –

  • Fixed an issue where character podium visuals would break when FOV was set to extreme values.

  • Deadzo portrait icon now shows correct silver image in menus and in game.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would detach from ragdoll during the death recap screen.

  • Game Mode UI Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Uplink world icons would stick around if you died while holding the Uplink.

    • Fixed an issue where the Turf War HUD icons could show 2 different states simultaneously.

  • Removed loss of consecutive match bonus warning when in lobby between matches or when playing in Custom Game.


  • Fixed missing or delayed SFX while playing in Occupy matches.


  • Matchmaking can no longer be entered with an old version of the game.
  • Harrier
    • Fixed animation on Blastback ability to no longer look completely horizontal when performed.
    • Fixed issues where Raycaster lasers would look like they were coming out at 90 degree angles from feet.
    • Multiple fixes for Shoc-Croc lasers not rendering properly during spectator view.
    • Fixed visual issue when looking at Convergence ability to better tell where the ability is actually aiming.
  • Visuals
    • Improved Blitzball model visuals when viewing up close.
    • Fixed multiple issues where weapon impact and ability FX would stick around in world.
    • Adjusted glow values on all “Hadronium Blue” weapon skins to fix them becoming too bright and distracting.
    • “Hadronium Blue” Crisper skin fix for the glow visuals fading out when being used.


  • Fixed an issue where key settings would reset on launch of game.
  • Players can now bind a mouse button for push to talk setting.


  • Match leavers now automatically receive a D grade for matches they abandon.

  • Adjusted score grade requirements so that players will see S and S+ grades more often for performing well in match.

  • Optimized performance logic behind spawning FX.

  • Added an “Update Available” notification message for Steam and PS4.

  • Improved matchmaking logic to not automatically re-queue players joining a match in progress whose MMR is out of range.