Customise Your Controls In The Next Arms Update

Nintendo’s Brawler, Arms will finally be receiving a long fan requested feature, control customisation.

The news comes via Nintendo’s UK Twitter account which states that Arms V3 will finally allow players to remap their controls to suit their individual style, with options extending across the full range of supported controllers (docked Joy-Cons, individual Joy-Cons, Joy-Cons in a Grip, and the Pro Controller).

The added functionality will drop alongside upcoming release of a new free character called Lola Pop.

In other Arms news, Dataminers has recently revealed a list of Unused Arms characters, check out the list and see which character could be next!

‘It seems that Nintendo’s ARMS will indefinitely be receiving more fighters in upcoming updates. Dataminers have posted a list of fighters on Reddit, showing the names of nine unused characters, which you can see below (the names in brackets are existing characters)’

Arms is out now exclusively on the Switch. Don’t know what it’s about? Check out the game’s official excerpt below:

“ARMS is a fighting game where you use stretchy weaponised arms to punch, thump and knock-out opponents. Get ready to put ‘em up, do battle with a colourful range of characters and fight to claim the number one title! Your fighter moves in line with your hands as you unleash a wide range of punches and other pugilistic moves.”