Voxel-Styled FPS Gunscape Gets First Batch of DLC

Part sandbox and part FPS, Gunscape made waves when it released last year, claiming an impressive 350,000 downloads. Developer Blowfish Studios has just announced Gunscape‘s first ‘Seismic’ DLC pack, which is being released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to those who already own the game.

Typically, Gunscape gives players the chance to unleash their creative skills in a DIY voxel playground. There are singleplayer campaigns, co-op maps, and multiplayer arenas with the ability to share your creations with the broader community.

The Seismic DLC introduces four new weapons to Gunscape‘s arsenal lineup, including the Surge Gauntlet and Mark VI Singularity Sword. Sporting a sci-fi horror theme, the DLC also features a bunch of ghastly new enemies, eerie avatars and musical tracks, as well as a coin mode which lets players collect cold, hard, shiny gold during FPS frenzies.

You can try out Gunscape on Steam today for free. The Standard Edition will cost you $19.99 USD and unlocks all main game themes, and for just $2.99 USD extra, you can add on the Seismic DLC.