Ticket to Earth Gets Free Episode Update on iOS

If you already own quirky tactical RPG Ticket to Earthyou’re in for a treat. Developer Robot Circus has dropped a free content update in the form of a second episode called ‘Crash’. Episode two is an expansion on the pilot, introducing a new playable character, new enemies, a terrifying new wasteland location, and a bolstered crafting system. Check out some spoiler-free footage in the trailer below:

Crash picks up from where Episode 1: Uprising ends, providing a much needed resolution for that tantalising cliffhanger. Rose and Wolf find themselves trapped in a toxic dystopia, and need to put their trust in a mysterious new ally—who for some reason seems content to guide them safely through the poison. Will it come at a cost?

Check out Ticket to Earth (and its second episode) on the App Store for $3.99 USD. Alternatively, if you prefer a less portable gaming experience, you can pick it up through Steam for $14.99 USD. Note: Episode 2 is also coming to PC and Mac in the near future.