Futuristic Turn-Based Tactics Title ‘Ticket To Earth’ Hits Steam

Colourful, explosive and funny, Ticket to Earth released for iOS devices earlier this year and charmed many humans. Its unique blend of puzzles and tactics helps transform gameplay into a fresh, multi-episodic sci-fi RPG. And best of all, purchasing the game outright lands you all upcoming episodes.

At the centre of Ticket to Earth is a story of rebellion and betrayal. The colony of New Providence is dying, and twisted, murderous enemies are wreaking endless havoc, but the Peace Keepers still have faith. Rose, Wolf, Doc and Seven must unite their strengths in a series of epic battles to overthrow the deadly conspiracy at hand. The PC Enhanced Edition of Ticket to Earth introduces a suite of new upgrades, including customisable controls, a new light and shadow engine, and multiple save game slots.

Ticket to Earth is now on Steam (PC, Mac). You can pick it up for $12.74 USD – currently 15% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale.