Kavinsky to Contribute Music to ‘GTA 5’

gta 5

Electropop enthusiasts rejoice! French DJ Kavinsky, best known for his contribution to the Drive soundtrack—the film which was starred by Ryan Gosling—will be contributing his music to Rockstar's upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V.

The game, which landed itself on our list of most-wanted games of 2013, is set to feature a host of radio stations with music from artists of various genres, including hip hop, electropop, rock, classical, and more. The game carries on the tradition of previous titles in the GTA series, one adopted by numerous open world GTA-likes including Saints Row, and Sleeping Dogs. 

Kavinsky's contribution to the GTA 5 soundtrack was confirmed by the artist himself on his official Twitter account (@iamKAVINSKY). This will not the first time Kavinsky is being featured in GTA, as a song he previously remixed was featured on the GTA IV radio station, ElectroChoc.

Screencap via GTAGaming.

An earlier track of his, Wayfarer, was a part of Rockstar's Midnight Club Los Angeles soundtrack. 

I speculate that his latest track, Protovision, will be in GTA 5 if only for the fact that the music video was shot in Los Angeles—which happens to be the real world analogue for GTA's San Andreas. Check it out below.

GTA 5 is set for release early next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There's no telling if they have plans to release the game on the PC or Wii U at this point in time.