Minecraft Themed Xbox One S Showcased

Love Minecraft? Then you gotta check out Microsoft’s Minecraft themed Xbox One S console, designed like the iconic grass blocks you’ll find yourself surrounded by when you hop into the world – what’s more, the console also features ‘red stone circuitry’ which lights up whenever you connect a Xbox controller.

The bundle comes equipped with a terrifying creeper painted controller, there’s also a pig-themed one, but you’ll have to buy it separately if you want to complete the Minecraft theme.

The console bundle comes with a copy of Minecraft as well as with a DLC pack that includes additional costumes and texture packs thrown into the package in addition too.

In other Minecraft news, the devs are hard at work trying to get Sony to join the list of crossplay consoles.

Minecraft developer Mojang recently announced the cross-platform beta period between PC and Android players under their Better Together campaign.

Mojang expressed their desire to enable cross-platform play on Sony’s PS4 several times, but Sony isn’t too keen on the idea. However, this isn’t stopping the studio from constantly trying to convince them and bringing the feature to all Minecraft players on the PS4. In the Better Together update FAQ, they mentioned they are “still in discussions” with Sony but they didn’t confirm anything.